Introduction – Objectives of the HTTC Hair Transplant Training

Starting a career as a hair surgeon can currently benefit from the rising demand for plastic surgeries since hair transplant is significantly featuring a substantial part of the beauty industry. Hair restoration has ever since been of considerable relevance for men as they are sensitively responding to hair loss due to aesthetical reasons.

During the recent years a constantly rising number of women have also been showing maximum interest for hair transplant as natural beauty and aesthetical attractiveness are substantially associated with a high level of self-confidence. Recent media coverage has effectively circulated the outcome of plastic surgeries with an increasing number of famous stars, Hollywood characters and athletes. Even politicians and other celebrities standing in the limelight have opted for hair transplant as it marks a relevant characteristic of power.

Since hair loss has no longer be accepted as irreversible hair transplant marks a viable option for those suffering from inherited balding. Next to medical treatment surgical hair restoration can be offered to a large number of patients. The quality of existing clinics and hair physicians varies from excellent to very poor. As highly developed technical equipment (surgical and medical tools), a valid experience and the personal skills of every hair surgeon are determining successful outcomes of patients undergoing a hair transplant only selected hair transplant clinics become famous for a regular quality in hair restoration. Outdated methods and techniques for hair transplant are still offered in many countries. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) characterizes a minimally-invasive method for hair transplant being the latest state-of-the-art technique of modern hair restoration. It significantly helps to prevent emotional distress and great embarrassment of patients since visible scars at the horseshoe-shaped fringe of the head are no longer resulting in unnatural appearances.

Furthermore unprofessional treatment performed by unexperienced doctors is often leading to low yields in hair growth on patients. Missing personal skills and experience as well as an unprecedented lack of artistry for naturally designed hairlines regularly display detectable outcomes with patients even when performing modern methods of hair transplant. The maximum number of hair surgeons qualifying for professionalism, excellency and permanent success is limited worldwide.

The HTTC – Hair Transplant Training Center (read more “About the HTTC”) in Ankara / Turkey with the Hairlineclinic from Dr. Özgür,  Dr. John Peter ColeGökhan Dogan and Hairforlife has established a new base for fue hair transplant training programshair transplant training courses and FUE Workshops to pass along knowledge, experience and professionalism to medical practitioners for hair transplant. The Training Center for Hair Transplant offers hair transplant training and professional programs using the latest technologies and offering hand-on-practice with modern medical devices and instruments for hair transplant.

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