FUE Workshop

Learning courses, practice training and education for hair transplant currently offers most viable possibilities to hair surgeons and physicians willingly to become experts in cosmetic surgery. Complementary approaches will help almost practicing physicians to improve their techniques through live surgical procedures and hand-on practice during workshops with the latest state-of-the-art method FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Isolating single grafts (hair follicles) for hair transplant allows a minimally invasive and very effective method to treat hair loss resulting from inherited balding.

FUE Workshops at the Hair Transplant Training Center in Turkey – Ankara

FUE workshops at the Hair Transplant Training Center (HTTC) comprehensively cover all aspects of hair transplant procedures between patient evaluation, extraction, restoration, placement of grafts and post-surgery care. FUE workshops are customized for basic, intermediate and advanced levels to successfully graduate as expert in the business of hair restoration. All arranged FUE workshops at the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter (HTTC) in Ankara target at hair surgeons, physicians, medical doctors and cosmetic surgeons of all kind of levels to gain more experience and high-level skills for hair transplant / hair restoration.

FUE workshops will be organized with internationally noted and successful hair surgeons having years of experience and high-level skills to pass on their knowledge to future doctors and surgeons in the hair transplant society. Presentations, hand-on practice, live surgeries and debating are within the spectrum of the FUE workshops presenting the best and most effective methods for both the extraction and the restoration process. Furthermore regularly announced FUE workshops will present and discuss different medical tools, technical equipment and instruments for utilization during the hair transplant procedure.

FUE Workshop at HTTC > practical fue training

Finding out about the most refined methods, exclusive techniques and instruments, learning more about hair transplantation and becoming a specialist for hair restoration fundamentally require regular attendance at common workshops during the working life of a hair surgeon or medical doctor. Any FUE workshop organized and held by the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter (HTTC) in Ankara, Turkey, will be customized for specific objectives of the hair transplant business. Attendees and participants will benefit through live operations, theoretical lectures, presentations and practical training at any of the FUE workshops organized in our hair transplantation school.

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