Schedule and Registration of a Hair Transplant Training, FUE Workshop, FUE Course

Designed for hair surgeons, aspiring physicians and medical assistants the Hair Transplant Training Center in Ankara welcomes participants from all countries to gain a full understanding of modern methods for hair restoration, experience hand-on-training and explore the emerging area of highly developed instruments / surgical tools for modern hair transplant methods.

Courses and training programs will be arranged both in groups and in single one-to-one training. For retraining and specializing a limited number of participants will be accepted only as the timescale for proficient training is different.

Participants will be encouraged to attend our courses depending on their personal experience and knowledge. The training programs will extend from 1 day courses to comprehensive 4 weeks (1 month) courses.

Information about the fees is available upon inquiry.

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Read also about “Certificate of Completion“.