Hair Transplant Training for Doctors and hair surgeons

Effective and successful training in hair transplantation may open the door to a career for aspiring doctors, physicians and medical practitioners to become a noted and estimated hair surgeon. Those who receive fundamental and comprehensive education, training, instruction and hand-on practice at the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter (HTTC) in Ankara will graduate from one of the most modern and successful hair restoration schools in the world with expert skills and extensive knowledge about techniques and methods for modern hair transplant.

Hair Restoration Courses from Experts for physicians > Learning from internationally reputed hair surgeons

The HTTC offers Hair Transplant Training and Hair Transplant Courses for Doctors, Physicians and hair surgeons. Gaining excellency and professionalism for hair transplantation methods features the inescapable path to success and reputation in the business. Learning from leading, internationally reputed and awarded hair surgeons with numerous outstanding results will help to acquire all necessary and fundamental conditions to successfully perform own hair transplants and surgeries with satisfying results. Attending doctors will benefit from the knowledge, experience and high-level skills of global experts for hair restoration / hair transplant.

Hair Restoration Training and Course for hair surgeons with personal hand-on practice

The training program at the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter (HTTC) for doctors, physicians and hair surgeons covers all aspects of hair transplantation procedures and allows the attendees for personal hand-on practice on selected patients and full observation of all clinical operations. All medical instruments, the latest equipment and tools for both the extraction and the restoration process will be provided by the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter in Ankara. Any participant will completely benefit from our modern and state-of-the-art clinical standard, our tools and our equipment to learn and understand their practical use during every single step while performing a hair transplant.

Visiting doctors at the hair transplantation training courses with higher qualification can also opt for intermediate and higher levels of training and education to specialize and improve distinguished techniques and methods.

FUE Training and Course schedule in groups or for single hand-to-hand practice

Training and hand-on practice can be scheduled in groups or for single hand-to-hand practice only. Training courses at the FUE Hair Transplant Trainingcenter (HTTC) for doctors and physicians allow flexible objectives and various duration of education. Any training program will encompass a whole hair restoration procedure on selected patients which are willing to undergo a hair transplant under training circumstances.

While attending hair transplant training courses and education programs at the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter (HTTC) aspiring doctors, physicians and hair surgeons will be encouraged to follow and personally perform the latest and most refined method for hair transplant. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) marks an effective and less invasive technique for patients with inherited balding as only single grafts will be extracted from various parts of the donor area to be relocated at the recipient site lately. This method is currently performed worldwide and allows a fast recovery time without leaving any scars behind.

Training and hair transplant education at the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter will always offer the latest innovations and advanced techniques to successfully perform hair restoration surgeries with the maximum effect possible for the patients. For those willing to learn and achieve both practice and knowledge our training programs will help to pursue an exciting and rewarding career as a hair surgeon and physician for hair transplant.

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