The HTTC - About the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter Ankara (Turkey)

Designed for modern hair transplant training the Hair Transplant Training Center in Ankara offers a series of workshops and training courses to attending hair loss physicians and surgeons willing to become leading experts. We are proud to provide an understanding of the practical instruments and medical tools as well as of modern craftsmanship to navigate the challenging terrain of surgically treating hair loss.

The Hair Transplant Training Center will regularly present leading doctors of the worldwide hair transplant industry to offer expert training courses and workshops with practice on patients. The HTTC – Hair Transplant Training Center in Ankara / Turkey is founded by Dr. John Peter Cole – USA/Atlanta, the Hairlineclinic (read more about the “Hairlineclinic”Doktor Özgür, Dr. Akin, Dr. Cengiz, Dr. AliGökhan Dogan  – Turkey/Ankara and in cooperation with the independent counseling center for hair transplant Hairforlife – Switzerland/Kreuzlingen.

The Hair Transplant Training Center will regularly be able to offer designed training programs and courses for physicians and medical assistants presented and performed by internationally noted training doctors at the clinic in Ankara. Dr. Özgür and his team feel delighted to welcome you at the Hair Transplant Training Center. For information about the program and the doctors please contact

Read more about our Hair Transplant TrainingFUE Workshop and General Hair Transplant Training Information.

Below more about each member of our team:

Dr. John Cole

Medical director Forhair, Owner of Coleinstruments

Dr. Özgür Öztan

Medical Director of the Hairlineclinic

Dr. Akin

Hair Surgeon and shareholder at the Hairline Clinic

Dr. Cengiz

Specialist for motorized FUE Devices like the PCID

Dr. Ali

Hair Surgeon


Cooperation Partner Hairforlife

Goekhan Dogan

Manager of the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter

Mrs. Özge

Hairline Design and Consultation

Mr. Engin

Patient Support