About The Pcid From Coleinstruments

About the PCID from Coleinstruments
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In the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter in Ankara doctors will learn the Manual extraction of follicular units from the donor and Manual extraction of follicular units from selected body regions but also Physicians and hair surgeons will be introduced to the world of automated, robotic and motorized fue extraction (read the compare of some motorized fue extraction devices https://www.fuehairtransplant-pcid.com/comparison-pcid-motorized-extraction-devices/. One of the automated, motorized and robotic fue extraction devices which can be tested on each course participants live on patients (as the other devices also) is the revolutionary device by Dr. John Cole of Cole instruments.
The Powered Cole Isolation Device or “PCID” is based on research and development by noted hair transplant surgeon, Dr. John P. Cole with both the physician and patient in mind. The PCID is the only power driven unit that is specifically designed for use in Follicular Unit Extraction or “FUE” hair transplants. The PCID has a sophisticated touch screen controller that manages the hand piece functions. With reliability and precision power and control the PCID gives the physician a new edge in performing FUE surgeries.
This exacting device lets the physician use precise prompts to set the specific extraction parameters for each surgery. The PCID allows for oscillation, rotation and roto-oscillation. Precision and control are essential in FUE but are not the only aspects that set the PCID apart.
The exclusive “Cole Isolation Technique” (CIT®), a method developed by Dr. Cole (and which can be learned in the hair transplant training center) is based on precise depth control. CIT® is not only the fastest method, but has proven to have the lowest rate of hair unit transection (transection rate) below 2,58 %. The minimal depth control mechanism is available on the PCID and makes it the fastest way of extraction with the lowest transection rate of any other method.
The PCID is battery powered with a charger and two rechargeable batteries included. The PCID accommodates CII’s exclusive surrounded punches, the sharpest on the market (read also https://www.fuehairtransplant-pcid.com/the-cole-serrounded-punch-sharpest-punch-in-the-industry/. Made with hardened steel, thin wall construction and variable size features, these serrated punch tips provide for less friction and resistance due to less fluid motion of the skin and hair grafts.
The PCID, like every CII product, is subjected to rigorous testing and checking from the engineering team of CII to ensure quality, durability and reliability. Every PCID is individually manufactured to provide the most physician friendly and efficient power extractor which gives optimal results in FUE procedures.
Read more about the pcid on https://www.fuehairtransplant-pcid.com
Watch a example video of head hair extraction with the PCID
Watch a example video of beard hair extraction with the PCID