Training with Dr. Huda from Jordan

Last week we had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Huda and her assistant Samah from Jordan to our Hair Transplant Training Center.

We have started to show and teach the importance of a good consultation. In where they have seen how to calculate the grafts needed, to make a proper donor analyse, to locate the safe donor zone and draw a natural hairline. We also spend time in showing how to use the 6 x magnification loupe, which is vital in our hair transplant procedures.  After the consultation we have started to show the extraction of grafts, in how to extract the grafts in the most proper way with the most possible low transection rate, holding the extraction device in the right angle, using the best punch for each type of graft. Dr. Huda had the feeling of extracting the grafts very early. After the extraction we continued our hair transplant training course with the implantation. Here we have thaught Dr. Huda and her assistant the stick&place technique. After some time they could perform very well by their own. The third day of the training we didn’t have to interfeer at all. The training for the assistant was tailored for her specific duties during hair transplantation.

The HTTC Training Center and HLC Clinic will continue to train surgeons from all around the world. Our interest is to bring FUE Hair Transplant to a different level so all patients can profit from this. A qualified FUE surgeon should know the advantages disadvantages of the different techniques and use the right techniques, the right tools and perform with a sufficient trained team to achieve high quality results.

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Watch the Images of the Hair Transplant training with Dr. Huda and Samah: