From left: Mrs. Özge (Hairline Design/Consultation), Dr. Kaan, Dr. Özgür, Dr. Akin, Dr. Didem, Gökhan Dogan (Clinic Manager), Dr. Ali, Engin (Patient Support)

Hairlineclinic plus team

Our Doctors with staff

Dr. Özgür Öztan is the medical director of the Hairline Clinic in Ankara, Turkey. The Hairline Clinic consists of 4 doctors: Dr. Özgür, the clinical director,  Dr. Akin, Dr. Cengiz and Dr. Ali. The Hairline Clinic startet 2003 with an exclusive focus on the latest state-of-the-art method for hair transplant (FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction) Dr. Özgür`s Hairlineclinic has achieved a high level of understanding for high quality hair transplant by consistently achieving excellent results. The variety of FUE-extractors and punches being used (from 0,6mm to 0,9mm in diameter) regularly ensures accuracy and precision with every patient. Dr. Özgür`s Hairline Clinic and his team are noted for excellent hairline design, repair-work and scar revision. Furthermore the Hairline Clinic is known for outstanding results with BHT (Body Hair Transplant). His talent and skills will lead every participant of the training program / courses to achieve a high level of practical artistry for hair restoration. Years of experience and genuine craftsmanship are basic characteristics of the Hairline Clinic. Visit also the Website of the Hairline Clinic