[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:25 2021]DR. LARS HEITMANN TESTING THE PCID

[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:25 2021]Dr. Lars Heitmann testing the PCID

[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:25 2021]Doctor Lars Heitmann in Zurich Switzerland https://www.fue-haartransplantation.ch/en, visited our hair transplant training center during a Follicular Unit Extraction Training-Course at which several doctors and physicians participated. Doctor Lars Heitmann tested the pcid from Cole Instruments.
[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:25 2021]Info: Doctor Lars Heitmann is a well-known fue hair surgeon in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, with several well-documented results in public forums. [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:25 2021]Also numerous TV- channels asked for interviews with Doctor Lars Heitmann. He started to perform Follicular Unit extraction in the year 2004. [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:25 2021]In the meantime he has more then 10 years experience in FUE, read also more information on the Website from Hairforlife Andreas Krämer, one of the Co-Founder of the Hair Transplant Trainigcenter, regarding [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:25 2021]FUE Hair transplant by Dr. Lars Heitmann in Switzerland (Zurich) .
[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:25 2021]Watch the following interview between Dr. John Peter Cole from Cole Instruments and Doctor Lars Heitmann