[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]Hair Transplant Training – The Latest Technologies

[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]The Hair Transplant Training Center of the Hairline Clinic (HLC) kindly invites aspiring doctors, attendants and learning physicians to be exclusively informed about new techniques and programs for hair transplant training now. [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]Learning the latest state-of-the-art method FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and developing your personal skills will qualify for expert hair restoration worldwide.

[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]With a revolutionizing development of new medical devices and techniques the whole team of the HLC and the Hair Transplant Training Center is able to introduce interested physicians to modern methods for hair transplant. [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]Attendants will be trained with a unique variety of different approaches to professionally perform hair transplants worldwide. [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]The technical equipment of our individual training encompasses every state-of-the-art hair transplant device made by Coleinstruments such as the PCID, the window punch, the Vortex, the manual sharp punch, the manual dull punch and the latest Zero T-Punch being recently released to present a new and highly developed handpiece for hair transplant. [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]The Zero T-Punch allows to delicately extract follicular units from the donor area of the patient with one of the sharpest punches in the business and is claimed to be the best punch ever manufactured (see also https://mailchi.mp/coleinstruments/the-new-zero-t-punch-by-coleinstruments ).
[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]Every trainee of the Hair Transplant Training Center at the HLC will be invited for full clinic observation and technical use of every of our modern devices to comprehensively learn about the difference between motorized and manual punch, full depth control, extraction methods (oscillation, rotation and roto-oscillation), punch sizes and best transection rates with various approaches.
[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]Get the best training for your buck
[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]Part of our clients has often been asking about exclusive rates for professional hair transplant trainings. [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]As some rates for hair transplant training often appear restricting to younger physicians the medical director of the HLC Dr. Özgür is pleased to take the opportunity and explain cost calculation within the hair transplant business:
[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]“Young doctors and aspiring physicians from all over the world are regularly showing high interest in our Training Center as it represents an exclusive institution for high quality training to pass on all the knowledge and skills of our experienced doctors to future hair surgeons. Young physicians have the best investment to their own future when opting for one of our programs to professionally learn about the latest state-of-the-art methods and best utilize of instruments for hair transplant. As the medical equipment provided at the HLC encompasses a vast variety of highly developed instruments and tools (made by Coleinstruments) every training will help our trainees to grant substantial quality and achieve outstanding results to satisfy the patients´ needs and meet their expectations. Since the beauty industry is growing rapidly this basic investment will personally support every aspiring doctor and young physician to become an exclusive part of the business. Every substantial medical tool, handpiece and latest state-of-the-art device is within the spectrum of our exclusive hair transplant training. The HLC has done the best and highest investments for our clients to provide every modern medical device and tool recently being manufactured and proven for excellent results. The Hair Transplant Training Center provides hands-on-training to individually find out about the differences and various approaches of modern hair transplant. As this will help young pioneers to easily find their personal approach and technical equipment for own hair transplant procedures it will be a question of some few weeks of clinical practice only until this highly appreciated business will reimburse every cost incurred.”
[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]Every medical equipment, extraction tool and high-tech handpiece at the Training Center will be provided for personal hand-on training of our trainees. [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]Attendants of our program will exclusively be introduced and trained to find their personal approach and equipment for hair transplant to qualify for excellent results on patients. [DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]The rates include highly qualified training and free use of all medical devices to facilitate the access to one of the top-billing businesses.
[DE][Thu Nov 25 23:52:24 2021]Please inform yourself about our next deadlines and dates!